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Vertical Scroller - Multiple Message Vertical Scroller V7.0
Fully customizable Dhtml Vertical Scroller Script runs any number
of messges as large as desired regardless of the scrolling area size.

1.Messages scroll along 2 Patterns, 0 for Singles or 1 for More:
   - Singles: showing & pausing one at a time - larger pause at top;
     if smaller pause at choice: at top or automatically be centered.
   - More: showing as many as to fill entire area at any time, all go
     equidistant with a blank space being inserted after every one,
     each & every message pausing when reaches the top edge.
2.JavaScript Vertical Scrolling allows First message to start:
   - at the bottom then scroll up and pause
   - right in a pausing position in scrolling area: at top or centered.
3.Vertical Text Scroller will adjust wider rows to fit the area's width.
4.You may opt for Speed-change Live / Stop-Resume: may
   change speed or stop scrolling then resume later from there.
5.When Dhtml Javascript Vertical Scroller Recall option is chosen,
   at the end of the cycle scrolling stops and you may call up any
   Message/Image instantaneously, otherwise scrolling goes on.
6.Vertical Ticker other adjustables: Speed,Pause,Size,Background.
7.Javascript Vertical Text Scroller allows most basic HTML code.
   Images may be used instead of messages as a Slide Show.
8.It allows local, internal & external Style Sheets and also local,
   internal & any external/remote javascript-text-friendly-code
   source to feed Scrolling Dhtml Vertical Ticker messages from.

Zip Delivery: HTML running DEMOs of actual JavaScript Scripts with
cut&paste code and js files with clear, simple instructions on where
to insert the code and how to set up onloading and calling js files.

Implementation*: cut&paste & set: CSS,Pattern: Singles or More,
Width & Height in pixels, Speed, Pause, Background, Other avail
Options, Messages: 0 through n, body tag onload and .js file call.

WIN/LINUX:(+) ie firefox chrome opera safari mozilla ns6 ns4 ...
Mac OS X:     safari firefox chrome iexplorer opera ...
Note*: If any, your page may have (X)HTML DOCTYPE statements,
including W3C strict Standards_compliant mode.